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Welcome to Imai Dental Office
serving our community

You can find us here:

1-13-9 Gyotoku ekimae
Ichikawa,Chiba 272-0133

TEL: 047-399-2502
FAX: 047-399-1634

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Don't worry about communication.
I always speak English to patients who prefer it.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Orthodontics @
Hours:9:00`12:00, 14:00`18:00
Closed on Thursdays,Sundays and national holidays



Personally, I don't really like drilling teeth!
So, please, before you see me like this,
take care of your teeth:
They're precious!

Meet Our StaffDINO

Hiroshi Imai, D.D.S.
Shizuka Tsuchiya: Receptionist, Assistant
Syoko Yokota: Receptionist, Assistant
Ami Matsumoto: Hygienist
Yuka Yodoya: Hygienist
Tomoko Hasegawa: Assistant

Colorful Braces!!!

How about neon-bright,Christmas colors for braces?
Or your favorite pink?
Any color you want is possible!

Now for the first time
the orthodontic morphing movie
you can actually see!!!

@" Teeth in Action 1!!"Gif animation(278K)
"Teeth in Action 2!!"Gif animation(519K)

The Crowning Glory of Dental Art!!

1 Charlie Brown
2 Doraemon
3 Violin
4 Nude?
5 ET
6 France
7 KamenRider
8 Chibimaruko
9 Ultraman
10 Mahjong?
11 Edo's Metal Core
12 Anpanman
13 Hello Kitty
14 Japanese Cherry
15 Teddy Bear
16 Skull
17 Jack o' Lantern
18 Snowman in the Night

Former Staff & Patients

1 He's been napping on a table arm for 27 years!
2 Dinosaur
3 Skull
4 Strange Patient

The Alligator King and His New Crown

alligatorOnce upon a time, a brave yet slightly naive dentist from the Kingdom of Gyotoku in the Land of the Little Funny People came upon the King of the Alligators. The great Alligator King, a most unfriendly fellow, soon challenged the timid dentist to a battle to the death!! A tremendous battle ensued, and after great struggle, the short, nervous dentist managed to rip open the jaws of the great beast... and to his surprise what do you think he saw...??!! Click