tri.html Tri-Service Dental Society of Japan
48th Annual MeetingにてLectureをしました。

Tri-Service Dental Society of Japanにおいて、3月27日、
"One Dentist's Delight: Temporary Crown Art"

Description of lecture
I believe that one of the keys to providing "pleasure filled" dental
treatment is to make the patients feel totally relaxed.
This presentation will introduce the way in which some "Small town"
Japanese dentist create both works of art with temporary crowns
and feelings of ease with anxious patients.

Brief curriculum vitae
Dr. Hiroshi Imai has been operating his own "small town" dental clinic
inChiba Prefecture, Japan for 18 years. A graduate of Nihon University
School of Dentistry at Matsudo , he received his DDS in 1978.
Currently he is a member of the Japan Dental Association and
the Tokyo Orthodontic Society.
He is also firm believer in the importance of a trust based
patient - doctor relationship.

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